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Customized door industry will customize the locks
Nov 23, 2018

Customized door industry will customize the locks

The size of building door openings in China is not uniform, making the door and window industry still based on customization. Customized production of the door industry will lead to the customization of the hardware lock industry. Since household items such as doors and windows, furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. can be customized, it is entirely possible to customize the production of lock products. Because the trend of door lock bundle sales is becoming more and more obvious, consumers are more inclined to buy products that already have locks.

In the future, there may be two cases in the customization of the lock industry: one is that the lock becomes a supporting production workshop of the door enterprise; the other is that after a design company receives the order, it arranges the door enterprise and the lock enterprise to follow the order requirements. Production, but the brand owner of the door and lock is the design company. At present, there are already companies trying to make the first attempt. With the arrival of the lock-up industry in the lock industry, some small and micro-locked enterprises will be eliminated. Enterprises that have survived the “painfulness” have become more competitive and more capable of customized production. In the future, the door enterprises and lock enterprises with high brand awareness and certain scale will usher in a new situation of cooperation, and the customized production of locks will usher in a new “blue ocean”.