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Digital fingerprint lock is expected to make up for technical shortcomings
Nov 23, 2018

Digital fingerprint lock is expected to make up for technical shortcomings

As far as the lock products themselves are concerned, most of the locks on the market in China are mechanical mortise locks and ball locks. These two kinds of locks are simple in production technology. As long as they are real materials and strictly control the various manufacturing processes, quality problems will not occur. But these two kinds of locks are not high-tech products, the technical content is low, and it is difficult to upgrade. Therefore, after nearly 20 years of development, the domestic lock industry has still not made breakthrough progress, and product functions have always been positioned on practical and security anti-theft functions. The biggest effort that companies can make is to control the quality of the products and to make new appearances. It is no exaggeration to say that the low technical content causes the congenital deficiency of the mortise lock and the ball lock, which has become a short board for the development of the lock industry.

However, the advent of electronic fingerprint locks has made the hardware lock industry a certain change. With the development of intelligent security technology and the widespread use of chips, electronic fingerprint locks have developed rapidly. At present, some big brand companies have developed intelligent electronic fingerprint locks. A large amount of capital and manpower was invested, and a production workshop was set up for this purpose. Intelligent electronic fingerprint locks may become the last "blue ocean" in the lock industry. The market space is still large, the profits are relatively high, and the profit brought by after-sales service is also very large. It is worth paying for the lock enterprises.

To survive, a company must walk on two legs in terms of products. First, it must have high value-added products, which can bring more profits to the enterprise. Second, it must have a lot of products. This product only needs Earn a small amount of profit, the purpose is to attract the attention of consumers, improve the brand and the influence of the company. Both are indispensable. For lock companies, the ball lock can be used for the volume, while the mortise lock and the electronic lock can get more profit.