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Four characteristics that must be paid attention to when purchasing a fingerprint lock
Dec 05, 2018

Four characteristics that must be paid attention to when purchasing a fingerprint lock

1, security

After installing the fingerprint lock, it should not affect the function of the security door. There is no obvious safety hazard in the lock, and the fingerprint lock has been greatly improved in safety compared with the traditional mechanical lock.

2, stability

Stability is the most important indicator of fingerprint lock. The installed fingerprint lock is far from mechanical lock in terms of stability, and the quality of fingerprint lock is very worth protecting. Consumers should choose the manufacturer that mainly produces fingerprint locks when purchasing. Such companies generally have good production experience. R&D experience is the beststabilizing factor.

3, versatility

It should be applied to most domestic security doors (in accordance with the 2008 national standard for security doors), with less modification. Good fingerprint lock installation time should be 30-90 minutes. Otherwise, it is generally difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance themselves. And the new fingerprint lock is also suitable for wooden doors and glass doors.

4, intelligence

Adding, deleting, etc. should be very simple, the user does not have to remember too many passwords and codes. Moreover, it is also possible to attach a doorbell and an alarm device, etc., in particular, a good fingerprint lock can also be operated by a Chinese-style display menu, which is very convenient to use.