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High-end locks join the level of craftsmanship to develop new markets
Nov 21, 2018

High-end locks join the level of craftsmanship to develop new markets

At present, with the development of pillar industries such as real estate and automobiles, the improvement of living standards and the increase of home decoration, the demand for locks is increasing, which has greatly boosted the consumption of the market and promoted the rapid development of the industry. Locks have improved both in terms of technology and grade. Double-tongue reopening security locks, electronic password ball locks, encrypted magnetic card locks and other high-quality, high-tech smart locks are listed, which is the best performance. Lock products and technologies at home and abroad are changing with each passing day. The super gold mine in the lock market is gradually emitting a golden light.

The lock core of the intelligent door lock is designed with a built-in radial clutch to increase the shock resistance of the door lock, making it safer and more reliable. Moreover, the intelligent door lock also adopts intelligent coding technology to resist strong light interference, reduce the power consumption of the door lock, and reduce the frequency of replacing the door lock battery.

The reason why it is smart is that it has been added to the high-tech and intelligent elements such as touch screen, password, fingerprint, remote control, wireless, and swipe card, which further demonstrates humanized care. The high-end smart door locks have these safety protection features, which can greatly protect the safety of users' lives and property.