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How can lock industry find new profit growth point?
Sep 05, 2018

How can lock industry find new profit growth point?

When a new category market develops, it often means that the competition pattern is rewritten. Will the lockset industry be rewritten? Countless marketing facts have proved that.

When a new category market develops, it often means that the competition pattern is rewritten. Will the lock industry be rewritten? Numerous marketing facts have proved that no amount of effort is as good as finding a new market. Therefore, if it is not the first product of a certain category, efforts should be made to create a product category that will make you the "first" in the market.

There are only 600 million electronic lock industry, but there are more than 3000 enterprises in which the fight, and the focus is on the hotel and other engineering units, no enterprise has thought of a larger personal home market, and these enterprises do the largest enterprise sales of less than 100 million yuan. In this context, just follow the strategy, which means never big, not strong; from a product point of view: at present, the market sales of locks are mainly two categories,

1: for traditional, and the current resident households generally installed mechanical locks.

2: electronic locks commonly used in hotels and enterprises. For mechanical locks, the price is only two or thirty yuan, the most expensive is not more than one thousand yuan.

Lock industry marketing is relatively primary, can do brand promotion of few enterprises, more rely on price war nibble the market. From the marketing point of view, some people once put forward a marketing thinking - Horizontal marketing, also known as "thinking out of the box", which requires enterprises to cross the original products and markets, through the original concept and product development to stimulate new markets and profit growth. In the concept drawer of electronic lock, it is impossible to highlight its technical advantages and unique safety performance in many similar electronic lock products. At present, there are two kinds of locks in the industry, namely, traditional mechanical locks and ordinary electronic locks. This is a typical traditional thinking, which is not designed strategically but named products according to the natural attributes of the products. According to building materials network understanding, compared with the price of electronic locks as high as 8000 yuan or more, mechanical locks with its low price and ease of use become the preferred locks for the general public. Therefore, electronic locks are widely used in hotels, organs, business lists and high-end intelligent building matching.