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How does lock make smart locks more durable?
Oct 01, 2018

How does "lock" make smart locks more durable?

1, clock calibration

The door lock clock is very important for the internal system of the smart lock. Accuracy will affect the use of the key card. Regular inspection and timely calibration become very important. The calibration is the same as setting the clock. When repairing the door lock, if the power is off for more than 10 minutes, the door lock clock should be reset after the repair.

2, add lubricant

As the main mechanical structure of a door lock, the lock core can not be ignored. Found that the lock cylinder is not very flexible or can not maintain the correct position, then the lock core should be filled with lubricant:

Remove the side trim and use a grease gun to spray the lock cylinder and turn the handle and knob until the door lock is flexible.

3. Check the clearance between the lock body and the lock plate

The matching clearance between the lock body and the lock plate also needs to be checked in time. The height and the fit of the lock tongue and the lock plate hole are the same. The optimal fit clearance between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If not, adjust the position of the door hinge or the lock plate. At the same time, pay attention to the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the weather to ensure the proper clearance between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the lock plate.

4, prepare the mechanical key to unlock

After going out for a long time, avoid encountering the smart lock strike caused by the exhaustion of the battery. The preparation of the mechanical key cannot be ignored. Remember to open the door lock, but also remember to replace the battery of the door lock, the recovery function is normal.