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New standards for lock industry
Aug 30, 2018

New standards for lock industry

Brand competition is a higher level competition among many enterprises at present. Brand competition depends to a great extent on whether we can excavate the individuality of "nobody has me, nobody has me, nobody excels me, nobody specializes in me". Any enterprise, if you can ask yourself, then, I believe it will become a leader in the industry. Strictly in accordance with the industry standards to their own, so in the lock industry has gained an advantage, and participated in the 2017 electronic anti-theft lock industry standard formulation.

As everyone knows, can participate in the electronic anti-theft lock industry standard formulation, then explained that the enterprise's product quality is withstood the industry standard test, is in line with the industry standard, the lock industry in product quality accepted the national security guard alarm system product quality supervision and inspection center and the Ministry of Public Security security security and police power consumption The inspection of the sub product quality testing center has obtained the inspection report through inspection. Among them, the detection of anti-theft locks 500 and 510 is mainly carried out in the following aspects:

1. Flexibility, dimension and appearance quality inspection: Ministry of Public Security safety and electronic police testing technology (standard) requirements are: flexible mechanical transmission structure, no obstruction phenomenon, flexible handle rotation, can accurately reset; main tongue extension length, class A is not less than 14mm, class B is not less than 20mm; oblique tongue extension length is not less than 11mm; Metal parts should be treated with surface antiseptic treatment. After 48 hours of neutral salt spray (NSS), they should reach grade 6. After testing, the fingerprint lock 500, 510 has no obstruction, the handle is flexible to rotate; the main tongue extension length is 20 mm, the oblique tongue extension length is 12 mm; after 48 hours of neutral salt spray (NSS), it meets the requirements of protection rating 6.

2. Emergency unlocking function test: Ministry of Public Security inspection requirements: special equipment can be used in the manufacturer to take special methods for emergency unlocking; when using mechanical emergency unlocking, mechanical locks should meet the GA/T73-1884 5.3 and 5.6 A level requirements. Fingerprint door locks 500 and 510 adopt mechanical way to realize emergency opening, meet the requirements.

3. Average fingerprint matching time test: Ministry of Public Security security security and police detection requirements are fingerprint matching time <3s (1:N, N10), intelligent lock 500, 510 fingerprint identification is 1.0s, meet the requirements of industry standards.