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Precautions for installation of hand locks
Feb 01, 2018

1, put the lock body into the hole has been dug, to ensure that the panel and Pingyang Qi, loaded two self tapping screws.

2, put the core into the lock body square hole, exposing the length of both sides equal.

3, The wire rod and casing installed on the outside board.

4, the square core set outside the handle panel.

5. Aligning the hand panel inside the square core sleeve.

6. Install screws (not too tight).

7, the lock core, with the key and knob adjustment position and oblique tongue, square tongue in and out of the feel.

8, the corresponding lock body position, buckle plate box and buckle plate.

Suggestion: After the hole digs, paints first, after installs the lock, lest affects the appearance.