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The key and the lock have the lock core for learning the security door?
Oct 06, 2018

The key and the lock have the lock core for learning the security door?

AB key lock, it has two keys A.B. It is a type of lock made up of bullets and other structures (the depth of the pit is different, the same as the difference in the depth of the flat key). There are also called "咔吧锁" and "computer locks, also called "bias lock" and "Bai Li lock". The role of the AB key is that when people install the lock, the owner can hand over the A key to the house decorator. For them to enter and exit the house door to unlock, so also called the A key as the "renovation key." When the decoration is completed, the owner does not need the decoration personnel to enter the room, the owner uses the B key to insert the lock hole and rotate the lock cylinder after a turn (circle) The A key loses the function of unlocking, so the B key is also called the “homeowner key.” The advantage of the AB key lock is that it can meet the needs of people to decorate the house, so as to avoid losing the door open key when the decoration is busy, or have a heart Poor people copying the door opening keys, etc., may avoid the insecurities caused by the owner after the decoration, and also avoid the trouble and cost brought by the lock after the decoration, so they are welcomed by people.

The anti-theft performance of the lock is divided into two grades according to the national standard. The main performance: such as the anti-destructive performance A grade requirement is not less than 15 minutes, the B grade requirement is not less than 30 minutes; the anti-technical opening performance grade A requirement is not less than 1 minute. The B level requirement is not less than 5 minutes; the mutual opening rate A level requirement is not more than three ten thousandths, and the B level is required to be no more than one ten thousandth. When buying a lock, make clear points: First, buy a Class B lock; second, ask if the lock cylinder and the lock body are all Class B.