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The lock market has a place
Nov 21, 2018

The lock market has a place

In addition to smart locks with high technology and added value, some common door locks on the market have a place in the middle and high-end locks market with high cost materials and beautiful design. Antique locks are one of them. Although its anti-theft performance is not strong, but as a decorative lock, it is favored by consumers. A person in charge of the company said: Because the antique locks are cumbersome to use, some consumers are still not good at using them, and the frequency of use in the home is very small, which is one of the reasons why the antique locks are not completely popular. Plus antique locks are generally handmade, and the market price is relatively high. Even so, the business owners firmly believe that as the antiques become the trend of various international industries, the antique locks will have their own market.

The industry believes that although the mid-to-high-end lock products have become the mainstream consumer trend in the market, the industry needs to work hard in many aspects. In terms of production process, we will make a fuss about the surface treatment and processing technology to improve the durability and decoration of the products. At the same time, we must develop and apply the latest technologies and materials to save energy and reduce pollution. In terms of marketing, we will step up efforts to adjust product structure, select entry points, use high-tech and high value-added door locks as research and development priorities, implement brand strategy, further enhance brand awareness, pay close attention to quality management, and strict quality standards. A group of high-quality, well-known industry brands.